Ricoh Lifestyle GR Series Camera Review

Over the past few years, I’ve become increasingly fond of compact point n’ shoot cameras due to their ease of packing and transporting. Additionally, these models offer a certain level of versatility that I simply don’t find with modern DSLRs which tend to be heavy and bulky.

That is why I was thrilled when I learned about the Ricoh GR series. It brings some of the features of modern cameras like high-quality lenses, image sensors and high resolution video into a very small package.

As I began examining the GR II, I was struck by how drastically its design has evolved from its predecessor. The GR II is much smaller and sleeker, featuring an ultra-thin grip similar to leather on the back of your phone.

It’s all in the lens, and the GR II comes equipped with a fast prime f/1.8. It may not be wide-angle, but this focal length works great for street photography or landscapes where shallow depth of field is essential.

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The lens on this camera has a nice feel to it, and the quality of photos taken with it are impressive. There may be some noise present but it won’t cause you any major issues. RAW files produced from this camera are also quite decent – even at higher ISO settings.

Self-portraits are made simple with the remote control feature available from an app on your smartphone. The GR IIIx’s touchscreen can be utilized to select autofocus points and get a full preview of the camera’s screen before pressing the shutter button – though it isn’t quite as accurate as using the actual camera, it still does the trick.

I’m not sure how this works, but it’s an excellent way to take quick, spontaneous self-portraits. Unfortunately, the app sometimes disconnects from the camera’s screen.

Another useful feature of the GR II is its built-in motion stabilization in video mode, which helps keep your footage smooth when shooting slow moving subjects. While switching frame rates may be tricky initially, once you get used to it you’ll be able to capture some interesting shots with ease.

The GR series is an ideal complement to the AM series, providing shoes designed specifically for gravity-assisted cycling. They boast a trail riding platform shape that’s comfortable and stable underfoot, plus they feature a molded toecap for extra protection. Furthermore, the shoe + pedal interface has been optimized to aid with pedaling and ground control.

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