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Types of Furniture Polish

Furniture polish is an effective way to keep your wood furniture looking glossy and new. Not only does it remove stains and dust from wood, but it also helps protect it from damage like scratches. However, not all furniture polishs are created equal, so be selective when selecting which kind you use on your wooden surfaces.

Wax-based polish is a popular option for wooden furniture. These products come in various consistency and should be worked into the wood with either a cloth or applicator. Waxes may be vegetable or animal-based, as well as made from mineral oils and polymers. Common examples include carnauba wax (from palm leaves) and candelilla wax (from Mexico’s same-named plant).

Beeswax-based polish is another good option, particularly for antique furniture, as it helps shield it from water stains, fading and cracking. Howard’s Feed-N-Wax is an ideal option here as it contains both carnauba and beeswax and can be buffed to a satin sheen that brings out the wood’s depth of color.

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Liquid furniture polish is an ideal solution for smaller pieces of everyday and antique furniture, as it can be sprayed on from a spray bottle and gently rubbed with a cloth. You have the option to apply the liquid directly onto wood or apply it via cloth; plus, its pleasant lemon-almond scent adds some brightness to your home decor.

Aerosol sprays are the most commonly used furniture polish, and they’re incredibly convenient. You can either spray it directly onto furniture or mix it with water and apply with a microfiber cloth. Furthermore, aerosol sprays tend to be more economical than other types of polish, making them an ideal option for people who have limited time or money to spend.

When selecting a spray-on polish for wood, it’s essential to select one specifically designed for this purpose as some can absorb into leather, metal and other non-wood fabrics and leave an unsightly residue on these surfaces. Furthermore, pretesting the product on an inconspicuous spot before applying it onto furniture helps determine if it’s safe for your specific surface.

Oil-based formulas are popular for cleaning and conditioning wood. They’re easier to apply than other polish types, making them a good option for beginners. Oil-based polishes may also be better suited to larger pieces of furniture due to their wider coverage and longer durability compared to other options.

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In addition to cleaning and conditioning, many wood polishes also contain conditioning oils that help protect your furniture from drying out or fading over time. This is especially helpful for darker woods which tend to become more faded and cracked with prolonged exposure to the sun.

Furniture polish should be able to effortlessly lift away dirt and grime stuck to your wood without damaging it or leaving behind an accumulation of wax or oil that may look unsightly. If unsure which type of polish to purchase, try purchasing several different kinds and using them regularly throughout the year for optimal wood care.

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