Photography 101 – How to Get the Most Out of Your Photography

Photography is an artistic form that involves the manipulation and presentation of images. It can be used to convey ideas and emotions from the mundane to the sublime, with subjects ranging from landscapes and portraits to social commentary. Photography offers a truly diverse range of possibilities when it comes to visual expression – it truly encompasses everything!

Creativity and inspiration are what sets some photos apart. Photographers often break a few rules of photography or break them all, yet still manage to capture an impressive shot.


Photographs are composed to draw attention to certain areas or elements of the photo and prevent other elements from overtaking them. You can use various compositional techniques, such as leading lines, symmetrical framing and the rule of thirds; however, you should avoid relying solely on one technique when crafting your images.


A great photograph must be able to capture the details of its subject in both extreme dark and bright areas of its tonal range. This can only be achieved with soft light, as camera sensors and film have limited capabilities at these extreme ends of their tonal capabilities.


Photographers must understand their camera’s shutter speed and use it to capture moments at their most exciting. This skill takes some practice, but with regular practice you’ll become more adept at capturing unforgettable moments.


Accurate focus of a subject is one of the most critical skills in photography. Selecting the appropriate lens and focus mode allow photographers to capture sharp images. When maintaining focus tight on a subject, the image should appear well-delineated and crisp – this ensures optimal exposure in all three zones.


Photographers must be able to create an emotional connection with their subjects. This can be achieved by asking them to smile or pose in such a way that elicits an intense response from them.

Understanding the human face is a fundamental aspect of photography, and mastering how to express yourself through this medium can help you craft your own distinctive style. If you have an intimate connection with your subject, it becomes very straightforward to build rapport and find ways to bring their essence alive for you.

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Develop an eye for detail is paramount in photography, as it allows you to truly capture a subject’s essence. Whether it’s by using macro lenses to get close to the subject or selecting just the right settings to capture everything that happens in a shot, having an acute perception can give you a unique perspective no other photographer will possess.

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